Sunday, December 27, 2009

enjoy the sunday...

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I think I like Saturdays better... yeah my favorite days of the week would be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... they are usually fun and they are fun to say... it makes them nice.
Today I helped Dad pick out light bulbs for the New Year ball thing. We went to Cardboard city(I love the tame of that town!) It's about 150 miles from St. Sails and it has it very own light bulb/lamp store! I think Dad is the main reason they stay in business.
So I was thinking, I want to call Dad something besides "Dad" so I decided on Doodad... it fits his personalty and it's kinda cool. I asked him if it was okay before I posted this and he thought it was such an awesome idea he has been signing his last few inventions with it.
Oh he invented a waffle maker that makes hallow cubed waffles!!! we had them for breakfast... the make little hissing noises when you make the first cut with your fork! we filled some of them with raspberry blueberry stuff.
Tuesday I am going ice skating with Star and Nelly...
I think I am going to have some hot chocolate with the Doodad and Jayne.

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