Thursday, January 14, 2010

sewing road trip

Well the Doodad decided to start sewing things... He is starting with a hat. Since St. Sails has a sewing shop but no bolts of fabric, we are road-tripping it to Cardboard city tomorrow. This would be completely awesome(I really love Cardboard city) but Dad wants to leave at 5:30, groan. I guess I should get to sleep...

sorry about forgetting/ a cake fight story

Ahhhhhhhhhh I have not blogged in 10 days!!!! I could say it was because nothing happened, or that I was too busy. but I really just forgot... oops.
Well I guess an update of the last ten days are in order- Dad made me a sort-of robot(it kinda talks and sings and stuff, it's pocket size). Star and Nelly are so cute together.... Yesterday we were at the cafe, Star was making cakes and Nelly and I were playing chess(I suck at chess. really. it takes all my brain power to remember what the pieces do! Lucky for me, Nelly is as good at chess as I am).
Star was finishing the last cake(chocolate and raspberry) and she said "number six has been made. We can try a bit of each then we are off to Nel's!"
Nelly and I were waiting for Star to say those very words.
After we tested all of Star's cakes, we each took two and headed for Nelly's car. Nelly's house is about a half a hour from town. Her Dad is a painter and her Mother is the sheriff(and makes killer lemonade). We are not sure why, but Nelly has a clean cement room, well not a room so much but a out building. It's very clean. This room is where we have our cake fights.
We carried the Cakes into Nelly's kitchen and cut a large helping out of each cake(the only way Nelly's parents will let us cake fight is if we save some cake for them) and then we walked out of Nelly kitchen down the mushy-after-the-snow-melted path and into the out building(we had hung a sigh out side the door that read ~CAKE ROOM~ sometime last spring)
We set the Cakes on a table and all put on shower caps, Star is lucky because she has perfect short brown hair so all she has to do it slip on the cap, unlike Nelly and I, Nelly has really long hair and I have hair to some where above my elbows. we both have blond in case you were wondering.
Then we pushed the table into the center of the room, grabbed hand fulls of cake and attacked each other.
One piece of cake was left and I grabbed it ready to lub it at someone, and when I look up, Star and Nelly are kissing. It had to be their first kiss because they have only been going out for about two weeks and both of them would have told me about it if they kissed. So I did what anyone holding a large piece of cake would do, I threw it at them.
Thinking about it I feel I should be all bithcy or something because my best(and only) friends are dating but I am not. there so cute too!
oh well I am go and call Star see whats up.

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy twenty ten!

long time no blogging!
the new years eve party was very awesome! we had a ton of food and our friends came and partied... sadly Dad's friend are much more insane then mine but then on the bright side Dad was the one cleaning the next day :) and I need a romantic friend(okay okay it would be a boyfriend but I don't really like that word)I was about the only person at the party not kissing!!! *mumble grumble bitch* even the Doodad found someone last minute! oh well Jayne and I had our champagne in a corner next to the figure of Star and Nelly.
After the party, well after after we cleaned the house... well the rooms of the house that we used, we left for the grand parent's houses(mom's side). Grandma was crazy about making some kind of 3D cookies that Dad or I would not eat because they filled with cream and made with eggs... Grandma just can't remember our whole vegan thing(she still calls it a phase after at least eleven years) we don't starve or anything because when we stay Dad and Grandpa always cook... they are good cooks! anyway they don't have a computer because Grandpa thinks Grandma will become an addict(he's probably right) oh and by the way there names are Fran and Leroy- in case I call them that in the future.
We came home last night and we've been unpacking all of today... we have a lot more stuff now then we left...
I am going to go help with dinner now. bye,

Sunday, December 27, 2009

enjoy the sunday...

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I think I like Saturdays better... yeah my favorite days of the week would be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... they are usually fun and they are fun to say... it makes them nice.
Today I helped Dad pick out light bulbs for the New Year ball thing. We went to Cardboard city(I love the tame of that town!) It's about 150 miles from St. Sails and it has it very own light bulb/lamp store! I think Dad is the main reason they stay in business.
So I was thinking, I want to call Dad something besides "Dad" so I decided on Doodad... it fits his personalty and it's kinda cool. I asked him if it was okay before I posted this and he thought it was such an awesome idea he has been signing his last few inventions with it.
Oh he invented a waffle maker that makes hallow cubed waffles!!! we had them for breakfast... the make little hissing noises when you make the first cut with your fork! we filled some of them with raspberry blueberry stuff.
Tuesday I am going ice skating with Star and Nelly...
I think I am going to have some hot chocolate with the Doodad and Jayne.

thanks Garret!

YES! I have fixed the time stamp!!! thanks to my blogger friend :)


Arrrrrggggg!!! it's very anoying that the time my blog says it is, is not the time I say it is!!!! (my computer backs me up on this) sooo for me it's really about 2:35am arrrrggggg!!

after X-mas

I spent the night at Star's house Christmas night with Nelly(Star was there too). We didn't get to sleep until about 5am and that was because we played so much hell with your neighbor, I think Nelly won almost every game! We were able to do this because Star's parents went out of town(which is not hard to do). Anyway we slept in... it was 2pm when we woke. So needless to say we played a bunch more card games and Nelly drove me home about 11:30pm and Dad and I drank some tea... I forget what kind, and I came up to the tower and now I am blogging...
Oh on the way home Nelly asked me if she should ask Star out!! We were about half way up our long drive...
I said "YES!", I think this is a great idea because for one thing they would make an adorable couple and for another I know that Star has a crush on her.
Nelly smiled one of her smiles that scream happy and said "great I will ask her Monday." and that was about the end of the conversation because we had reached the house.
So Dad wants to have a New Years eve party... His plan is to build a giant white light up 2010 ball and place it in our ballroom- don't ask me why we have a ballroom, it came with the house... yes we have a rather... large house. Dad decided he said he needed to have a big house being a inventor, he needed space to put all the inventions that didn't sell, which is a lot.
I do believe my niiiice comfy bed is calling.