Sunday, December 27, 2009

enjoy the sunday...

HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I think I like Saturdays better... yeah my favorite days of the week would be Monday, Wednesday and Saturday... they are usually fun and they are fun to say... it makes them nice.
Today I helped Dad pick out light bulbs for the New Year ball thing. We went to Cardboard city(I love the tame of that town!) It's about 150 miles from St. Sails and it has it very own light bulb/lamp store! I think Dad is the main reason they stay in business.
So I was thinking, I want to call Dad something besides "Dad" so I decided on Doodad... it fits his personalty and it's kinda cool. I asked him if it was okay before I posted this and he thought it was such an awesome idea he has been signing his last few inventions with it.
Oh he invented a waffle maker that makes hallow cubed waffles!!! we had them for breakfast... the make little hissing noises when you make the first cut with your fork! we filled some of them with raspberry blueberry stuff.
Tuesday I am going ice skating with Star and Nelly...
I think I am going to have some hot chocolate with the Doodad and Jayne.

thanks Garret!

YES! I have fixed the time stamp!!! thanks to my blogger friend :)


Arrrrrggggg!!! it's very anoying that the time my blog says it is, is not the time I say it is!!!! (my computer backs me up on this) sooo for me it's really about 2:35am arrrrggggg!!

after X-mas

I spent the night at Star's house Christmas night with Nelly(Star was there too). We didn't get to sleep until about 5am and that was because we played so much hell with your neighbor, I think Nelly won almost every game! We were able to do this because Star's parents went out of town(which is not hard to do). Anyway we slept in... it was 2pm when we woke. So needless to say we played a bunch more card games and Nelly drove me home about 11:30pm and Dad and I drank some tea... I forget what kind, and I came up to the tower and now I am blogging...
Oh on the way home Nelly asked me if she should ask Star out!! We were about half way up our long drive...
I said "YES!", I think this is a great idea because for one thing they would make an adorable couple and for another I know that Star has a crush on her.
Nelly smiled one of her smiles that scream happy and said "great I will ask her Monday." and that was about the end of the conversation because we had reached the house.
So Dad wants to have a New Years eve party... His plan is to build a giant white light up 2010 ball and place it in our ballroom- don't ask me why we have a ballroom, it came with the house... yes we have a rather... large house. Dad decided he said he needed to have a big house being a inventor, he needed space to put all the inventions that didn't sell, which is a lot.
I do believe my niiiice comfy bed is calling.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I do love the holiday months!

The house is festive!!! We made sugar cookies with strange colored icing it took us a while to make them because we kinda messed up the first batch. we shut the kitchen door so Jayne couldn't get to them, he is a nice dog but he sure has a sweet tooth.
After we got the pine I decorated the inside while Dad started to make some marbleized holiday lights, he went to bed about 10:30 so he could early start but knowing Dad he has those finished and is working on something new that he doesn't want me to know about because he says it makes him uncomfortable when I watch him working holding a fire extinguisher.
Star and Nelly are coming over to build snow vikings with Jayne and I, Jayne will be doing quite a lot less work the the rest of us. hummm I might met him sleep with me tonight- its cold and when you have a husky sleeping with you it's slightly warmer. Dad named him after a character in his favorite TV show that is amazing but died in the first season :(
Well I think it's time to tuck in,

Holidays are upon us

Cake was awesome! I never doubted it. oh that reminds me I bought a piece to bring to Dad, after I am finished here I will give it to him...
Holidays are upon us! Dad and I never do anything (yet known to the world) for the holidays but Star has a Christmas. later today we are going into the pine forest part of our land to get a load of branches to cover the living room, entrance room and all the hallways. It makes the house smell nice and look festive, at least that's what Dad says.
I was thinking that if I get a mass of followers reading my public diary(haha) I should tell them a bit about my town. It's small, in the middle of nowhere and has something of everything except a school, because there are only about 12 children, most of the population is over 40 and completely loonly... you can usualy find someone to teach your kid something.
I think it's time to go branch hunting.


Blizzards are boring. I have a feeling that I am not the only person that has come to this. sure blizzard are awesome afterwards and you have a gang of friends to build deformed snow men and snow castles(with small red flags), but now its night and you can't see and even if you could you would be a block of ice and snow in two minutes.
Dad turned the heat off to the basement because he has never seen pipes freeze and he thinks it will be a "learning experience" and I am in the tower(my room) hoping there wont be a large boom noise...
If the snow is not too bad tomorrow I thing I will walk to the cafe and see Star(Star is not her real name but I have known her for ten years and never found out what it really is.) she sent me an email earlier informing she is baking a cherry cream cake to sell tomorrow and I want a slice.
Well Dad is laughing so I better go see what happened.
...hoping I can keep this up but I have lost/destroyed most of my other diaries