Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I do love the holiday months!

The house is festive!!! We made sugar cookies with strange colored icing it took us a while to make them because we kinda messed up the first batch. we shut the kitchen door so Jayne couldn't get to them, he is a nice dog but he sure has a sweet tooth.
After we got the pine I decorated the inside while Dad started to make some marbleized holiday lights, he went to bed about 10:30 so he could early start but knowing Dad he has those finished and is working on something new that he doesn't want me to know about because he says it makes him uncomfortable when I watch him working holding a fire extinguisher.
Star and Nelly are coming over to build snow vikings with Jayne and I, Jayne will be doing quite a lot less work the the rest of us. hummm I might met him sleep with me tonight- its cold and when you have a husky sleeping with you it's slightly warmer. Dad named him after a character in his favorite TV show that is amazing but died in the first season :(
Well I think it's time to tuck in,

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