Sunday, December 27, 2009

after X-mas

I spent the night at Star's house Christmas night with Nelly(Star was there too). We didn't get to sleep until about 5am and that was because we played so much hell with your neighbor, I think Nelly won almost every game! We were able to do this because Star's parents went out of town(which is not hard to do). Anyway we slept in... it was 2pm when we woke. So needless to say we played a bunch more card games and Nelly drove me home about 11:30pm and Dad and I drank some tea... I forget what kind, and I came up to the tower and now I am blogging...
Oh on the way home Nelly asked me if she should ask Star out!! We were about half way up our long drive...
I said "YES!", I think this is a great idea because for one thing they would make an adorable couple and for another I know that Star has a crush on her.
Nelly smiled one of her smiles that scream happy and said "great I will ask her Monday." and that was about the end of the conversation because we had reached the house.
So Dad wants to have a New Years eve party... His plan is to build a giant white light up 2010 ball and place it in our ballroom- don't ask me why we have a ballroom, it came with the house... yes we have a rather... large house. Dad decided he said he needed to have a big house being a inventor, he needed space to put all the inventions that didn't sell, which is a lot.
I do believe my niiiice comfy bed is calling.

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