Monday, January 4, 2010

happy twenty ten!

long time no blogging!
the new years eve party was very awesome! we had a ton of food and our friends came and partied... sadly Dad's friend are much more insane then mine but then on the bright side Dad was the one cleaning the next day :) and I need a romantic friend(okay okay it would be a boyfriend but I don't really like that word)I was about the only person at the party not kissing!!! *mumble grumble bitch* even the Doodad found someone last minute! oh well Jayne and I had our champagne in a corner next to the figure of Star and Nelly.
After the party, well after after we cleaned the house... well the rooms of the house that we used, we left for the grand parent's houses(mom's side). Grandma was crazy about making some kind of 3D cookies that Dad or I would not eat because they filled with cream and made with eggs... Grandma just can't remember our whole vegan thing(she still calls it a phase after at least eleven years) we don't starve or anything because when we stay Dad and Grandpa always cook... they are good cooks! anyway they don't have a computer because Grandpa thinks Grandma will become an addict(he's probably right) oh and by the way there names are Fran and Leroy- in case I call them that in the future.
We came home last night and we've been unpacking all of today... we have a lot more stuff now then we left...
I am going to go help with dinner now. bye,

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